Luna Park Sydney: Fun Facts

 Ever wondered how fast the Hair Raiser drops to the ground? Or where to find the steepest drop in the park? Maybe you wondered which ride in the park is the oldest, or would be interested to know the Australian Icon who met his future wife within the walls of Coney Island in the 70’s?

Look no further! Luna Park Sydney is here to provide some riveting facts that will be sure to impress you. Here is our list of fun and little-known facts about Luna Park Sydney.

The Hair Raiser

The Hair Raiser lifts riders 50 metres into the sky at a terrifying slow pace. Hair-raising and heart stopping, this exhilarating ride plummets riders to the ground at a RAPID 80km! Nothing could prepare you for a drop at that speed!

Devil's Drop

The steepest drop in Luna Park? Adrenaline junkies thrive on the park’s rollercoasters, but you’d be shocked to hear that in fact one of our steepest drops is a slide located in Coney Island. The Devils Drop! This slide is so steep it takes SERIOUS courage to push yourself over the edge! In fact – this slide is so tall the Coney Island roof had to be raised just to fit it!

Barrels of Fun

Taking a stroll down the Midway at twilight, or even watching the sun set with your date from the Ferris Wheel – it’s fair to say Luna Park Sydney allows patrons to craft their own romantic story. This romantic energy can be confirmed through the relationship of Australian Radio Icon John Laws and his late wife Princess. Over 40 years ago, Laws met his future wife in the ‘Tunnel of Love’ in Coney Island. A picturesque beginning to an amazing love story!

Wild Mouse

The oldest ride in Luna Park? What could it be – The Rotor? The Carousel? Although rides such as the Rotor are Heritage listed and icons in their own right, it is The Wild Mouse is our oldest ride. In fact, this is the only surviving wooden Wild Mouse ride in the world! A true idol of the park.

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