The Iconic Coney Island

Step back in time

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are advised that the following content may contain images, videos and voices of people who have passed. 

Exploring Coney Island is a MUST when attending Luna Park Sydney. Inside this heritage listed fun house you will find multiple attractions including the Devil’s Drop, Barrels of Fun, Mirror Maze and vintage slot machines. Coney Island is home of historic artwork frozen in time, deeply reflecting Australian culture of the 1930’s.

Former resident Artist Arthur Barton was one of the 35 artists hired to decorate the Park prior to its 1935 opening. Described by a long-serving manager of Luna Park as “a man who made things work”, Barton is responsible for the Park’s art deco style, which merges American influences with Australian flavour.

Guests can enjoy each piece of artwork, which tells a story, such as our Drunken Orchestra and Circus Mural. Barton’s heritage listed artwork throughout Coney Island reflects the culture of the time, deriving humour from out-of-date beliefs, stepping into Coney Island has been described as walking into a time warp.

Coney Island has endless amounts of fun for kids and adults with a rich history. The wooden slides were originally made of hardwood, but boots worn by soldiers during World War ll caused splinters on the slides. From this, Masonite was imported to prevent this from happening.