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We offer both the best in fun and learning! When you book your excursion with us you can do it as just a day of unlimited rides for students to enjoy OR use one our included stages 2-6 worksheets to take advantage of our unique learning opportunities!

Booking is now easier than ever thanks to our simple online portal. We recommend booking ASAP to guarantee your school's spot for a 2024 Luna Learning excursion! 

What's Included?

We offer both the best in fun and learning! All Luna Learning excursions include:

  • Unlimited rides for ALL students.
  • Access to a catalogue of stages 2-6 syllabus-linked worksheets, created specifically for Luna Park Sydney.
  • The option to book a school-exclusive day where the Park is gated for only primary and secondary students on Luna Learning excursions.
  • Entry for you into our all-new Teachers' Lounge with harbourside views and complimentary tea & coffee. 
  • Unparalleled learning opportunities that you cannot replicate anywhere else in Sydney.

NEW DREAM CIRCUS OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Now you can also add our new attraction Dream Circus to your excursion. This immersive experience is perfect for students of all ages, especially popular amongst those who aren't interested in rides!

Self-Guided Worksheets

Book with us to access our catalogue of stages 2-6 worksheets in a variety of subjects! These are teacher-made and syllabus-linked. Simply choose your subject and enjoy your self-led learning journey with your students before, during, and after the excursion!


Business Studies | Year 12

Luna Park offers Year 12 students an immersive experience in marketing principles. They learn about Luna Park's successful marketing strategies, including market research, branding, target audiences, and pricing strategies.

Business Studies | Year 11

Year 11 students participate in a workshop exploring the amusement park business. They learn about Luna Park's features, history, organisational structure, and stakeholder involvement, gaining insight into different business types and decision-making processes.

Physics | Year 12

Luna Park provides a hands-on fieldwork study for physics students. They apply Newton's laws, energy conservation, circular motion, and electromagnetism to analyse real-world examples on amusement park rides, enhancing their understanding and scientific skills.

Physics | Year 11

Conduct your depth fieldwork study at Luna Park, practically investigating and analysing to further develop your knowledge and understanding of Physics.

Science | Years 9 - 10

Luna Park offers an educational experience for students to explore motion, energy, and forces on rides. It connects classroom learning to real-life applications, deepening scientific understanding while providing fun and thrills.

Commerce | Years 9 - 10

Stage 5 students engage in a program at Luna Park, examining business considerations in a globalised economy. They focus on marketing strategies, ethical considerations, and gain practical insights into running a successful business while developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Science | Years 7 - 8

Luna Park offers an educational experience for students to explore motion, energy, and forces on rides. It connects classroom learning to real-life applications, deepening scientific understanding while providing fun and thrills.

Maths | Years 5 - 6

Stage 3 students embark on an exciting maths-based scavenger hunt, solving problems aligned with the curriculum. It challenges students, strengthens maths skills, and provides a practical, real-world context for learning.

STEM | Years 5 - 6

Luna Park's STEM project engages Stage 3 students in investigating velocity, acceleration, and energy through hands-on activities and designing their own rides. Optional workshops on ride physics enhance the experience, inspiring students to think like engineers and physicists.

Maths | Years 3 - 4

Stage 2 students can enjoy a maths scavenger hunt at Luna Park. They solve problems and reinforce financial maths, number, geometry, and data concepts while having fun and developing teamwork skills.

STEM | Years 3 - 4

Join us for an exhilarating excursion where students will unravel the science behind the thrills. Discover the secrets of roller coaster design, exploring how forces, energy, and motion come together to create heart-pounding rides.

Bookings available for 2024

Visual Arts | All Years

Immerse yourself in the captivating art history of Luna Park Sydney with our enlightening workshop in the heritage-listed Coney Island. Join us for an unforgettable experience where students will delve into the rich artistic heritage of the Park, uncovering its intriguing stories and discovering the vision behind its remarkable artwork. From enchanting characters to iconic designs, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the art that breathes life into Luna Park's vibrant atmosphere, leaving you with a deeper appreciation for its cultural significance.

Just For Fun | All Years

Embark on a self-guided educational excursion at Luna Park Sydney, where the possibilities are endless! Designed to be flexible and cater to your school's specific needs, this unique adventure allows students to explore Luna Park at their own pace. Engage in thrilling rides with a self-directed approach, schools can immerse themselves in a fun and educational experience tailored to their interests and goals.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The minimum number for a School Booking is 10 paid students/teachers.
  • We offer one free of charge teacher per 10 children. Teachers who do NOT want to access rides or attractions are free and any additional teachers who want to ride are charged as per above.
  • We recommend children wear their school sports uniform for comfort and ease of identification.
  • This booking is NOT CONFIRMED until you receive a Tax Invoice and total payment has been received or a EDConnect Shared Services purchase order provided. We do not issue part or full refunds or credit.
  • All increases to numbers and payment must be finalised no later than 7 working days prior to the visiting date.
  • All payments must be made prior to the visit. We are unable to take payment on the day of the excursion.
  • Retail Vouchers are not transferable, valid for date of issue only and any remaining amounts forfeited.
  • Ride Wristbands are not transferable, valid for date of issue only, sold subject to Luna Park Sydney Rides Regulations and no refunds will be given.
  • Rain or shine your booking will take place on the booked date as there is a mixture of outdoor & indoor rides available.
  • Payment is non-refundable. Luna Park is unable to issue part or full refunds.
  • Please refer to our website for latest full terms and conditions that apply to this booking at Luna Park Sydney | Terms and Conditions
  • Luna Park Sydney (LPS) shall be entitled to terminate this School Booking at any time where LPS is unable to fulfil its obligations under this School Booking as a result of circumstances beyond its control including without limitation an act of God, fire, flood, riot, civil commotion or action of any Governmental authority. LPS shall not have any liability to the Organisation whatsoever as a result of such termination except that LPS shall refund to the Organisation any part of the Total Fees paid by the Organisation under this School Booking prior to the date of termination to the extent that they relate to the use or occupation of the Park or the provision of Catering Services after the date of termination.

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