Introducing our new menus! Chicken Nuggets, Loaded Fries, and more!

Drum roll please! It’s time to announce the new menu items for Luna Park Sydney food outlets!

Join us to welcome the brand new additions;

-          Super popular Chicken Nuggets

-          Everyone’s favourite Loaded Fries

-          Super sought-after Southern Fried Chicken Burger

-          A crowd-pleasing Falafel Wrap

These latest additions will surely fuel your energy for the big day!

Chicken Nuggets & Chips (Halal and Dairy Free)

Available at Hungry Horse & Helter Skelter

“When crispy meets tender. What could be better?”

Our tempura chicken breast nuggets are fried until they are golden brown, to deliver the best texture, and with our seasoning, great flavour is guaranteed. To top it all off, we also provide our signature chips on the side.

This set menu comes in 2 sizes, the 6 pack  and  10 pack

Chilli Cheese Loaded Fries (Halal and Gluten Free)

Available at Helter Skelter

“Cheesy with some spice. Don’t think twice!”

The already awesome hot chips just got spicier! With chilli con carne loaded on top, your taste buds better prepare to heat up. Want it tastier? Shredded cheese is added to the party! To finish off, spring onions are sprinkled on top, enhancing the flavour that’ll last until the very last bite!

Taste the spicy and creamy sensation – make it yours, or perfect to share

Cheese Curd and Gravy Loaded Fries (Halal)

Available at Helter Skelter

Chips. Cheese. Gravy. Let’s get saucy!”

Any gravy lovers out there? Our 2 fan favourite toppings, mozzarella cheese and gravy are having a collaboration on top of our popular chips. The mellow flavour of the gravy, blended with the unique texture and taste of the cheese curds, majorly elevates the chip experience!

Enjoy the cheese ‘n gravy chips combination – perfect for sharing as a side or make it a meal for one!

Southern Fried Chicken Burger (Halal)

Available at Helter Skelter

“Bite through the bun, crunch the fried chicken!”

A new burger joins the team and it’s crispier than ever! In between the buttery grilled bun, lies the deep-fried chicken. The seasoned flour coating the chicken adds crispiness to the bite, while preserving the juiciness of the meat. Still not enough? The other layers are filled with lettuce, tomato, and a slice of cheese, along with the creamy-flavoured and smoky-scented chipotle sauce!

Take a bite into this burger-riffic on its own – or  make it a combo with chips and a 600ml drink 

Falafel Wrap (Vegan, Halal, and Dairy Free)

Available at Helter Skelter

“Wrap and roll, take veggies on a stroll!”

Craving a vegan meal? We got you covered (in a wrap)! Our falafel wrap promises a tummy-filling meal full of plant-based flavours. Let’s see what’s inside! First, the falafel balls (chickpeas and spices) have a rich grainy taste and are crunchy in texture. Next, the bright pink pickled turnips have a sweet ‘n sour taste, which will give you a refreshing boost. Mixed in the ingredients is tabouli, the herby and lemony salad. Last but not least, hummus adds a creamy and nutty feel to the whole meal, with a hint of zesty aroma. All these, wrapped in Lebanese bread, will make sure you have your veggies ready on the go!

Wrap yourself in this fresh blend of vegetables or make it a meal with the addition of chips and a drink. 
There you have it, the latest mouth-watering menus for our food outlets. Don’t let hunger take away your energy to enjoy unlimited rides. Make sure to try them during your next visit to Luna Park Sydney!