Get to know the Luna Park Stars of Showtime

You may know the basics about Luna Park – our amazing location on Sydney Harbour, the iconic face, as well as all of our thrilling rides! But at the heart of our park is our Luna Park Stars of Showtime! Let us formally re-introduce our stars to you…


Lunabob is the face of FUN and the ringmaster of Luna Park ensuring that every guest is welcomed and smiling. He is eager, engaging, and full of energy making him the PERFECT Ambassador of Luna Park Sydney.


The ringmaster’s assistant, following the lead of her big brother! She is here to ensure the park is fun, safe and sustainable. Lunabelle is cute, courteous, full of colour and is the Ambassador of Spirit, Safety and Sustainability.

Lunabob & Lunabelle
Lunabob & Lunabelle

Freckle & Speckle

Twin dolls that came to life under the magic of the luna eclipse, Freckle and Speckle are the fresh, friendly and full-of-fun Ambassadors of Merchandise and Sideshows.

Pavlova & Meringue

The glamour queens of Luna Park! These BFFs love to be photographed and cannot wait to be ‘Insta-Famous’. Pavlova and Meringue are the loud, loveable and full-of-life Ambassadors of Food and Beverage ‘FAB’!

Freckle & Speckle

Blip & Twerp

Blip & Twerp are the Clowns of Luna Park who come from a long line of Coney Clowns. They are straight out of the Circus and living in 1935! These old souls are the happy, humorous and full of history Ambassadors of Coney Island & Luna Park’s Heritage.

Loop & Zag

Two thrill-seekers who arrived with Luna Land. They are the smart, slick and full of splendour Ambassadors of the Rides.

Loop & Zag

Red Coat Ringmaster

The Red Coast Ringmaster is here to educate and entertain, ensuring guests have knowledge of all events in-Park. He is the talented, tall and full-of-tales Ambassador of The Big Top Sydney & Luna Park Sydney Events.

Ooh La La Ladies

Fancy and fun, these ladies sparkle and shine! Ooh La La Ladies are majestic, marvellous and full-of-magic Ambassadors of the Palais, Crystal Palace, Functions, and Weddings.

Red Coat Ringmaster & Ooh La La Lady
Red Coat Ringmaster & Ooh La La Lady

Fun Girl & Fun Guy

‘Just for Fun!’ is not just a motto, it’s a way of life! And the Fun Guy & Fun Girl of Luna Park ensure that you are making the most of your time here at our home through song, dance, fun and laughter. As Ambassadors of Showtime, they won’t be satisfied until your smile resembles that of our Iconic Face.

Fun Girl
Fun Guy