Meet Alexander: The Luna Park Sydney Superfan

At just 9 years old, our friend and #1 fan, Alexander, has what can only be described as having an encyclopaedic knowledge and unbeatable passion for Luna Park Sydney.

Alexander first visited the Park in 2018, at just 4 years old, and fell in love. He still reminisces on his first time on the Wild Mouse that day – “my uncle took me on my first rollercoaster the Wild Mouse. I had no idea what I was in the line for but I loved it”. Wild Mouse immediately became his favourite ride and was just the beginning of his love for Luna Park Sydney.

Through the years, Alexander’s knowledge of the Park has grown non-stop, making him a walking book of interesting trivia facts. Did you know that this is the 8th Luna Park Sydney face? Or that Coney Island has been around since we opened in 1935? He sources facts like this online and through reading, “I love YouTube and Google, and last year my dad bought me the Luna Park Book”. In fact, researching Luna Park Sydney is one of his favourite things to do alongside actually visiting the Park, plus watching movies and playing golf.

Alexander loves to visit the Park as much as he can, “I like to visit Luna Park during its anniversary on the 4th of October, during school holidays, my birthday, and whenever someone will take me!”. On Park days he loves to get on as many rides as possible, visit Coney Island (which is his second favourite spot in the Park!), and of course, he keeps his energy up with his favourite Park food offering - a hot dog from Helter Skelter. One of his favourite people to go on rides with is his Grandma because, according to him, “photos with her on the rides are the best!”. 

It has been a blast to get to know Alexander and his love of Luna Park Sydney, and we have been so in awe of his passion that we put him in our newest ad!