Meet the charmingly creepy characters of Halloscream!

This year at Luna Park Sydney, we are hosting Halloscream like you’ve never seen it before. Sydney’s biggest Halloween festival is inviting you to step into a world where the eerie and extraordinary collide! Tickets selling FAST, book yours now to secure a spot, October 27-31.



We now have the honour of introducing to you, our electrifying cast of creepy characters! Inspired by our unique heritage, they are a circus turned scary, lurking in every corner of our iconic Amusement Park. We are dying for you to make their acquaintance! Drumroll please…


The Great Gordo Gamsby

11-time Guinness World Record holder The Great Gordo Gamsby, the world's strangest strongman, emerges as the mesmerising heart of Halloscream!

From the grandest stages to the quirkiest sideshow tents The Great Gordo Gamsby brings brawn, chuckles, and a curious affection for disco balls. As he dazzles and dares with his mischievous might, be warned: getting wrapped up in Gordo's captivating tales is all part of the fun. Ready for a wild ride?


Jerry Hatricks

Step into the mysterious realm of Jerry Hatricks at Halloscream. This enigmatic gentleman juggler weaves a tapestry of eerie magic, uncanny dexterity, and ghostly circus feats. Jerry's otherworldly antics promise a mix of laughter and thrills, ensuring a bewitching Halloween experience for all.


Simon Stunts

Dare to wander the midway at this year's Halloscream? Beware, for Simon Stunts is on the loose. Dive into a whirlwind of mischief and mayhem as this circus extremist sweeps you into his world of jaw-dropping tricks and heart-stopping feats. Witness his uncanny ability to juggle knives while precariously balanced on a unicycle, pushing the very limits of gravity and nerve. Forget the ghosts and goblins; it's Simon's edge-of-your-seat antics that will have you frozen in your tracks, torn between awe and astonishment.


Porcelain Alice

Step into a world of mesmerising seduction and spectacle with Porcelain Alice, the Sideshow Supermodel. As a sword swallower extraordinaire, she'll leave you breathless, effortlessly conquering the sharpest blades with sultry prowess.

But that's just the beginning. As Miss Burlesque NSW, she'll transport you to a realm of glamour, her serpentine grace and seductive allure are irresistible, casting a spell that will leave you mystified.

Porcelain Alice's residency at Luna Park's Halloscream promises an unforgettable journey into desire and mystique. Join us for a season you can't miss, as this iconic goddess unveils her secrets, enchanting, captivating, and enthralling all who dare to watch.


Curly the Chaotic - The Cyclopod

As the moonlight casts shadows upon Luna Park's Halloscream, Curly the circus strongman prowls upon his moving stage, leaving an air of unease in his wake. With each turn of the wheel, his enormous strength is on full display, but it’s his spine-chilling growl and hauntingly ominous eyes that will truly grip your soul.

Dare to come close? Then beware — for as the legends say, his might is not just for show. Join us, if you dare, and experience the enigma that is Curly. But remember, once the sun sets, the real performance begins... and it's not for the faint of heart.


Scarlett Firebird

This Halloscream, amidst the screams and shadows Scarlett Firebird unveils her flaming spectacle. Her blazing performance, bursting with hot intensity, promises to ignite your wildest fears. As the shroud of night descends, let Scarlett's fiery and mysterious allure heat up your spookiest of evenings. Dare to be dazzled; dare to be haunted. These short, sharp shows aren't just captivating—they'll set your very soul alight.


Rhys the Trickster

Introducing our Master of ceremonies, Rhys The Trickster, who combines the weird, whacky, and wonderful. With a mischievous grin, he wields chainsaws like a virtuoso, carving a path to your heart, all while savouring a crisp apple or two.

For over a decade, Rhys has thrilled audiences worldwide with his offbeat blend of circus stunts, sideshow, and boisterous comedy. From Glastonbury Festival to the Edinburgh Fringe, he's left his mark at the finest festivals and productions across the globe. Join us for an unforgettable journey filled with laughter and astonishment, as Rhys The Trickster reigns supreme in the realm of eccentric entertainment.


Are you ready to meet this circus of freaks? Get tickets now to Luna Park’s biggest Halloween festival, October 27-31!