My Experience Being a Part of Luna Park’s Magic

Back in the year 2003, I first visited Luna Park Sydney. For a 6-year-old boy, seeing the giant iconic face shining brightly by the sea at night was nothing short of breathtaking. I can still remember walking along the midway, showered by the fluorescence of carnival-style lights and the scent of fairy floss in the air. That was the first time I experienced the magic of Luna Park Sydney. Little did the young boy know he’d one day be a part of it. My name is Melon and you’re about to hear my story regarding what it’s like to be a member of the Luna Park Family.

From a childhood memory to the start of my new journey

Fast forward to 2022, I stumbled upon many job opportunities available at Luna Park Sydney and didn’t hesitate to come in for an “audition”. Yes, that’s right! The interview process here is an audition where you are welcome to freely express yourself and show your true colours. Fortunately, I was selected as one of the successful candidates and the best part was knowing that they chose me for who I really am.

My first department was Guest Relations and just like the name suggests, our day-to-day responsibilities revolve around front-facing customer service. Our mission is to make sure guests are well prepared with the essential information before they go enjoy one of the best days of their lives. It’s fulfilling to be able to put smiles on their faces and hear them laugh with joy. I believe that by being passionate about what you do, you can pass that happiness on to others as well.

“What do you love about working here?”

The workplace culture is what makes my experience here truly special. I’m surrounded by team members who are incredibly supportive and will consistently look out for you. Daily tasks and challenges feel more fun when all of us are helping each other to achieve the shared goal, providing happiness for our guests.

To be greeted with “Hi Melon!” every morning and seeing all the smiles while walking around the Park, it makes me feel like this is my second home. They are more than co-workers to me; I can proudly say they are my friends.

While working here, your efforts will never go unnoticed with employee recognition and reward programs to boost team members’ motivation. It’s so amazing to be appreciated for your hard work and successes!

At Luna Park Sydney, there is so much room to grow and develop your skillsets further. From time to time, you’ll have chances to assist with other departments other than your own. Not only does this expands your connections within the Park, but it also allows you to learn more about how we operate from different perspectives.

At the time of writing this, I have just started my new role as a business trainee with the corporate side. This is such a valuable opportunity to accelerate my career with Luna Park Sydney and understand how the Park operates from an organisational point of view.

Employee Benefits

On top of the great experiences mentioned, there are also various employee benefits for you to enjoy.  First of all, you are automatically granted unlimited ride passes every day the Park is open while being an employee! Just finished work and nowhere to go? Let’s get on the rides! As you continue working with us, a number of free tickets will be allocated to each employee, so you can bring your friends and family to go on rides with you too.

In-Park food and beverage outlets also have employee discounts on selected menus. If any of you are gelato lovers like me, you’re going to enjoy trying each flavour one by one (or more?)! Staff discounts apply to merchandise as well. Trust me, the designs are FUN!

Tired of bringing your work uniforms back home to wash? Don’t worry. Luna Park has a wardrobe service to help get this done for you. Just walk into the changing room and the uniforms will already be waiting for you, shiny and clean. The staff break room in the wardrobe area also has hot chocolate, coffee, milk, and best of all, the touch screen kiosk for you to order meals and pickup from our very own Helter Skelter Cafe!

Here comes the big news. Every quarter we’re going to have the “Astra Awards”, where employees are invited to celebrate the business’ achievements in the previous quarter and witness the crowning of team members who deliver exceptional services. Food and drinks are provided for every attendee. Now let the feast begin!

Join us to be a part of the magic!

There’s no better way to understand how amazing it is to become one of the LunaParkians other than to join us on our journey to spread the joy. This place doesn’t only gift me with friendships, career opportunities, and skill development, it also provides me a sense of belonging. Waking up to work has never been easier, here at Luna Park Sydney. It’s JUST FOR FUN! Click below to explore our current career opportunities, check back often!