Flex your favourite thrill ride or your love of our showtime characters with the newest merchandise. This drop has been designed on site here at the Park and has been created to be unisex, stylish for all ages, and offered in a range of sizes, so it is perfect for everyone!


Just For Fun Long Sleeve

This white top is perfect for all weather with its breathable white fabric and long sleeves you will be comfy for your whole park day – morning to night. Check out the sleeves featuring some of our iconic showtime characters. If you are a Luna Park Sydney fan this is the shirt for you!

Dipper Tee

This is the perfect option for our rollercoaster enthusiasts! The Big Dipper logo features on both sides, and the light yellow wonderfully complements the colours of this fan-favourite rollercoaster. We hope to see you soon rocking this tee to show your love of the Big Dipper!

Sledgehammer Long Sleeve

Here we have another long sleeve but for those who want to rep one of our most thrilling rides: Sledgehammer! This is a fantastic choice if you are wanting to prove you are a true daredevil. Note the sleeve details - 360˚ | 15RPM | 29.5 METRES – showing off the true intensity of Sledgehammer!

Come visit us here at Luna Park Sydney to secure your favourite shirt from this popular new range so you are ready to flaunt your style in the Park!