Strap yourself in for the ride of your life, as you swing and spin 360° over Sydney Harbour on Sledgehammer Extreme 360°. We're excited to announce that the Sledgehammer is now swinging in full force, experience the beautiful views of Sydney Harbour like you never have before... at 30 metres high and while completely upside down. 

Once you’re locked and loaded, the hammer drops and whacks you with its full fury, back and forth, spinning round and round, delivering G-forces that you didn’t even know existed. This one packs a punch. If 360° isn’t for you, experience Sledgehammer 240° which packs ample thrill and speed without going upside down. 

Please note that only Yellow Riders 132cm + can go on either mode of this ride. Get 100% more Airtime on the Sledgehammer on your next visit to Luna Park Sydney. Watch a POV video of the full 360 rotation here.

Share your experience using the #sledgehammerextreme and the Sledgehammer Instagram Sticker. Don't forget to tag us @lunaparksydney. We welcome the use of chest mounted cameras only on this ride, mobile phones are not permitted for use.