Sustainability at Luna Park 

Our Commitment

At Luna Park Sydney our commitment to sustainability matches our commitment to fun. We are committed to better understanding our ecological footprint and further identifying ways to minimise our impact.

We’ve put together a list of actions Luna Park Sydney has taken so far to reduce our environmental impact.

In 2011, Luna Park began a huge lighting upgrade which saw majority of the lights in the park switched to energy efficient LEDs and 100% of all external lights also being replaced. In addition to switching lighting, Luna Park upgraded kitchen and hospitality spaces including cool rooms and ovens to more energy efficient models.

You’ve heard of orcas in the wild, but at Luna Park we have our very own ORCA. Our ORCA machine is a food waste digester which converts food waste into environmentally safe water. Our ORCA saves 15.4 tons of food waste from landfill PER YEAR – wow!

Along with these changes, Luna Park Sydney is constantly looking for ways to upgrade our sustainability and save our environment.  That is why we have a dedicated group of Luna Park personnel from each department who meet quarterly to discuss ideas on how we can improve our sustainability practices.

In the 2018 Better Business Awards, Luna Park was named finalists for the second year in a row and winner of the “Success through Sustainability” in the Hospitality and Leisure Venues category.

With our obvious passion for sustainability, Luna Park Sydney continues to encourage all patrons and members of the community to do their part in maintaining our environment. So next time you’re putting something into general waste think – is this recyclable? How about bringing food from home to avoid take away plastic packaging? Don’t have a keep cup? Purchase your very own Luna Park reusable cup from us!