Luna Lite Ticket Luna Lite Ticket

Luna Lite Ticket

Looking to get a quick fix of what the Park has to offer? The Luna Lite ticket might be the perfect fit for you! Bundle two rides (Ferris Wheel and the Carousel) with Dream Circus AND Sonic Neon to satisfy those cravings of adventure and escapism.

Luna Lite Ticket


Experience the timeless charm of Luna Park Sydney's Ferris Wheel and Carousel in the Luna Lite ticket, offering double the delight with two iconic rides set against the stunning backdrop of Sydney's harbor.

Also included in your ticket is entry to Dream Circus, a grand spectacle of dreams and escape suitable for all ages, making it a fantastic complement to your Luna Park visit or a memorable night out in Sydney.

PLUS explore the Park’s latest experience: Sonic Neon. Embark on an electrifying odyssey through sound and light. An immersive, family-friendly journey where music transcends into breathtaking visuals. 



1x 2 Ride Pass

1x Entry to Dream Circus

1x Entry to Sonic Neon



The Luna Lite ticket is great value for guests who just want to spend a couple of hours at the Park.

General Admission: $59


Each Dream Circus session will run for approximately 45 minutes, with the main show commencing from the advertised session time on your ticket. The experience is designed for you to enjoy for its entirety.

Sonic Neon can be viewed at your own pace, we anticipate the experience will take someone 20 minutes to walk through the 6 immersive rooms.

PLEASE NOTE: The Dream Circus is an immersive multi-media experience which contains some content that may surprise or frighten some guests, such as the inclusion of spiders. It is recommended that children be accompanied by a paying adult.

Strobe lighting is used during the Dream Circus. Guest discretion is advised.

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